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A cabin in the woods with a stone chimney and large deck is covered with a small amount of snow.
Oct. 28, 2021

Preparing Your Property and Guests for Winter with backporch®

If you have a recreational property in a part of the country where it freezes every winter, you know there are several things you’ll do to prepare for the cold months. Each year there is so much to remember that you can easily forget and end up with broken or damaged equipment. That is where […]

A large pecan tree with leaves starting to change to fall colors.
Oct. 19, 2021

Make the Most of Autumn

The leaves are falling and the fire pit is calling. Autumn is here, which for many is the absolute best time to be at your place. Whether you own a beach house, cabin, ranch, or lake house, or just renting one for a few weeks, there is always a lot of prep work. Backporch® is […]

Three young girls loading leaves into a wheel barrow.
Sep. 09, 2021

Building Family Unity at Your Recreational Property

Most property owners see their second homes as an investment in their family and their future. The hope is often that younger generations will continue to care for the property and enjoy it for years to come. Giving kids experiences that positively shape them, teach them responsibility and allow your family to experience growth together […]

Aug. 11, 2021

Just Bought a Recreational Property? Do This, Not That!

Whether you are buying a recreational property with your family or with your friends, there are a lot of things that slip through the cracks or overflow! Let us walk you through a few important things to keep in mind when getting your property up and running. Don’t: Track plans in a messy email chain […]

backporch at Hunters Extravaganza 2021
Jul. 19, 2021

Visiting backporch® at Hunters Extravaganza in Houston

The 45th annual Hunters Extravaganza is hosted by the Texas Trophy Hunters Association August 6 – 8, 2021. Backporch is attending the Hunters Extravaganza at the NRG Center in Houston, Texas this year to meet our fellow property managers and hunters. We are inviting you to this weekend long event, where new and veteran hunters […]

Buck deer running through a prairie
Jul. 10, 2021

How to Host Hunters with backporch®

A note from our founder: Deer season is my favorite time of year, and a main reason why our annual guys hunt is a 13-year tradition at my property! My friends and guests are eager to help out and even know their way around the ranch now. However, when it comes to actually harvesting deer, […]

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