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About Us

Owning recreational property is a tremendous blessing, but it takes a lot of work and communication among family, friends, and guests. Coordination is hard.

We created this app to be a centralized place for your family, friends, and guests to co-manage property. The tools in this app were developed with years of personal experience and feedback from recreational property owners, but it’s more than just a set of tools. Backporch® is meant to truly enhance the joy of owning a shared place by helping to minimize disagreements, maximize your time at the property, and make collaboration on big or small projects easy. We want to help families mend fences (literally and figuratively) and empower children and grandchildren with the knowledge and involvement to keep your property in the family for generations.

Our family’s property in the country is our favorite place in the world. We work the land, hunt, explore, fish, stargaze, manage wildlife, host friends, and gather together.

We hope this app will be as much of a gamechanger for you as it is for us! To learn how to use it to its fullest, check out our blog for tips, tricks, and advice. We are constantly working to improve the experience for our users, so please reach out if you have questions, feedback, or suggestions. Our mission is to support you in stewarding your beautiful property!

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