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The leaves are falling and the fire pit is calling. Autumn is here, which for many is the absolute best time to be at your place. Whether you own a beach house, cabin, ranch, or lake house, or just renting one for a few weeks, there is always a lot of prep work. Backporch® is your solution.

It’s important to consider fall activities, items, food, decorations, and more you may need to make the most of this time. Plan activities and the supplies needed amongst your group using conversations within the calendar feature and the needed and on hand tab under the Food & Supplies tab. Share the load for projects for the fall or the chores of properly storing the supplies from summer fun like boats, jet skis, and other water activity gear using the Projects & Gear tab.

With the backporch app use the Food & Supplies, the Projects & Gear, and the Property Info & Guide features to help you make sure you have all necessary items on hand for fall fun like s’mores ingredients, blankets, hand warmers, and rakes for leaves. You may need equipment like tire chains, jackets, insulated boots, and installing weatherproofing windows.

When you’re sharing a property with family and/or friends or renting to guests it’s easy for details to get lost in the shuffle and end up with too much of one item and/or not enough of another. Make sure you stay organized between everyone involved with all the necessary information in the palm of your hand that can be easily shared with everyone.

As you get set up here are some ideas for Fall fun fall ideas with backporch:

  • Make sure you have s’mores, blankets, pillows, cider, and even a large white sheet to make a cozy outdoor movie night under the stars.
  • Gather and warm up around the firepit. Make sure to store a picture of the firewood pile for the next guest in the On Hand tab.
  • Have an arts and crafts night carving pumpkins or prepping for Thanksgiving dinner. Make sure before you make the trip out you stop by the craft store and grocery store to get all the fun supplies that are needed for children to enjoy a cozy night in creating together.

Whether hosting a weekend getaway with fam and friends or prepping your home for guests using the Property Info & Guides tab can provide crucial and helpful info about activities on/around the property and in the neighboring town. Let your friends and guests know where the board games are kept, how to turn on the TV (why are there four remotes?) and how to safely start the gas furnace.

Chores & How-Tos

There are several fall chores that come up as the leaves begin to fall. The Projects & Gear tab can help you show where rakes, leaf blowers and trash bags are located with photos to avoid back and forth with texting about that exact spot in the back corner of the shed. You can let family, friends, and guests know about the trash collection schedule and how to properly dispose of leaves and other trash.

Using the How-To feature you can share demonstrations and information about how to clean the fireplace, the pool filter before you put the cover over it for the winter, and what solutions to use to make sure the grill is prepped and ready to go for burgers and football season.

The Contacts Section

The contacts section is a great way to provide your guests with each other’s numbers so they never have to guess who to get in contact with for certain questions. This section also allows the property owner to create customized lists of contacts guests may need, such as an emergency contact list or the property caretaker. Using this section allows everyone to feel safe and secure when spending time at your property!

There are so many opportunities this autumn, whether it’s family bonding, reuniting with friends with a cozy cabin weekend, or renting a spot in a dreamy off the beaten path destination where you can unplug and take a deep breath.

Download the backporch app for iPhone and Android to prepare your property for Autumn and enjoy the cool, cozy days and nights together. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram for more helpful recreational property content!

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