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Shared Calendar

So everyone stays on the same page.

  • Check property availability to plan visits easily
  • Designate available and reserved dates as confirmed or tentative
  • Set reminders for maintenance projects or recurring events (like trash pickup days)

Food & Supplies

No more last minute grocery runs or no more leaving for the store once you get there.

  • Plan and coordinate meals with all your guests in a central place
  • Create grocery lists and add comments
  • Designate items as “need” and “on-hand”
  • Create specialty tags to categorize items by room, recipe, or person responsible for buying

Projects & Gear

Develop shared responsibility between property co-owners and family members.

  • Tackle property maintenance, improvement, and repair projects together
  • Keep track of progress, tools or gear needed, and next steps
  • Add comment threads, customized tags, and photo

Property Info & Guides

Give guests access to all essential property information they need to feel at home.

  • Separate views for how-tos, activities, and contacts
  • Store wifi passwords, house rules, and more in one place
  • Share outdoor or local activities with guests through details, photos, and comments

At-a-Glance Dashboard

Quickly catch up on what’s happening at your property and access in one click.

  • Upcoming calendar events
  • Recently added or edited items
  • Number of shopping list items and open projects and access in one click

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