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Whether you are buying a recreational property with your family or with your friends, there are a lot of things that slip through the cracks or overflow! Let us walk you through a few important things to keep in mind when getting your property up and running.

Don’t: Track plans in a messy email chain

Do: Keep everyone in the loop in one place

After purchasing your property, it’s important to keep everyone in the loop about projects such as property maintenance, improvement, and repairs. For example, have the plumber coming in for repairs Tuesday morning? Make sure everyone knows about this to ensure that someone is on the property at that time to get that project done. Backporch makes this easy with the shared calendar and project tracking feature. You can keep track of all the ongoing projects as well as mark time on the calendar for when maintenance is happening.

Don’t: Wing the rules and regs as you go

Do: Lay down rules and procedures in one easy-to-find place

A recreational property will have people going in and out throughout the year. You want to make sure that your guests know the house rules as well as any rules or procedures to follow when entering or leaving the property (turning off lights, setting the thermostat, etc). Backporch allows you to list all this information in the “property info” section, where everyone can access these details. Make sure to add pictures for reference!

Don’t: Let lists and to-do’s get lost in a text thread

Do: Delegate tasks with a list 

Recreational properties tend to have a lot of “cooks in the kitchen.” It’s important to keep things organized through a shared list and/or calendar so people know what needs to be done to keep the property in shape. Backporch has you covered with the shared food and supplies feature of the app. You can list all the items that need to be brought on the trip and assign each of them to a specific person, that way everyone knows who is bringing what.

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