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If you have a recreational property in a part of the country where it freezes every winter, you know there are several things you’ll do to prepare for the cold months. Each year there is so much to remember that you can easily forget and end up with broken or damaged equipment. That is where backporch is there to save the day! Although each type of property (beach house, cabin, or ranch) requires different preparation for winter, these are the three important things you need to have and do.

Have a solid winter checklist

With a thorough winter checklist, nothing will be forgotten. Use the How To and Activities sections in the Property tab to create your checklist and make sure you don’t miss anything. List what pipes need draining and the location on the property. Take note of what recreational vehicles need antifreeze. Also, mention how to open or close up during the winter months, so everything is safe and secure.

List the location of all important tools

The Projects & Gear feature is great to list all the tools you have on hand. You can conveniently share images of where the tools are stored in the garage or shed so you avoid searching and having to call someone for the location. Add comments about what may be broken, where the antifreeze is, or the axe to cut more firewood. Find everything you need at your property easily with backporch!

Have a contact list ready

With temperatures dropping, a pipe may burst, there could be an unknown draft that is costing you more to keep the property warm, or the water heater could go out. Set up a trusty contact list in the backporch app. Add the name, phone number, website, and any notes you may have about that specific contact. You can add tags to the contact to sort through electricians, plumbers, or any other type of service you need to have on hand.

Backporch helps prepare you, your family, and guests for the winter months. Easily remember all the details and share responsibilities to prepare your property for winter. Download the backporch app for iPhone and Android today.

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