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A large family of all ages gathered together on the shore of a beach facing the water at sunset.
Feb. 01, 2022

3 Tips on Sharing a Vacation Home

If you’re feeling both excited and perhaps a little stressed while organizing the details of your shared vacation family home, you’re not alone. There are some projects and items on a to-do list that never seem to get taken care of, and it’s quite easy for things to be overlooked. Some projects are forgotten, and […]

Snow covered landscape with a home surrounded by pine trees and a mountain range in the background.
Jan. 07, 2022

Fun Indoor Activities for Winter

While we love getting the chance to experience all of the winter beauty, we also love bundling up and enjoying the indoors this time of year. Whether you’re stuck inside or needing to take a break from the cold, we’ve gathered some fun ideas to do with your children from the comfort of your second […]

2022 Goals.
Jan. 03, 2022

Goal Setting for the New Year

Hello 2022! A new year means new resolutions, and that includes goals for your property too. Dedicate some time to work through some to-do’s that have been sitting on your list since last year. Maybe you’d like to figure out a good system for keeping hunting supplies in order, or ensuring groceries don’t get left […]

Close-up of a pile of wrapped holiday presents.
Dec. 09, 2021

Holiday Planning with backporch®

Coordination is key, and this is especially true during the holiday season. We created backporch to be your one stop shop for your shared property among family, friends, and guests. Don’t let the upcoming family gatherings at your rental property stress you out! Allow backporch to enhance the joy of the festivities. Collaborating plans and […]

A group of seven adults are seated around a large bonfire in the woods.
Nov. 19, 2021

Sparking up Family Bonding with a Bonfire

One of the most memorable places to gather as a family in the fall is around a campfire. There are few activities that allow for better quality time and genuine conversation like spending an evening around a bonfire with loved ones. With colder weather upon us, it is the perfect time of year to take […]

A Thanksgiving dinner guest holds up a cocktail near a loaf of bread while another guest slices a pumpkin pie.
Nov. 03, 2021

3 Tips for a Smooth Thanksgiving with the backporch® app

Hosting Thanksgiving is a stressful time. You need to coordinate who brings what dish, see how many guests will attend, and be sure you have enough seats at the kids table. Plus, there is so much more. What is the solution? Using the backporch app as your source of truth to host the best Thanksgiving […]

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