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Most property owners see their second homes as an investment in their family and their future. The hope is often that younger generations will continue to care for the property and enjoy it for years to come.

Giving kids experiences that positively shape them, teach them responsibility and allow your family to experience growth together is one of the biggest rewards of buying or leasing a secondary property. Here are some ideas to get the entire family involved in stewarding your property well, and how the backporch app can help.

Make Fun Meaningful

Making memories with your kids from an early age brings meaning to your time and creates fun for everyone. Try something simple like watching a movie and make it special by throwing down some blankets on the deck, setting up a projector on a bed sheet and enjoying quality time under the stars with a campfire nearby.

You can preserve those moments easily by sharing pictures under the activities tab in the backporch app.

Teach Responsibility and Ownership

Kids make a connection between fun activities done together and their individual contribution. Whether it’s keeping the potted plants watered, weeding the garden, or tending to animals, children want to feel proud of their accomplishments. Encourage that sense of ownership by giving them a piece of the property that is all their own.

Maybe they get to put their name on the herb garden or the play room. Give them something to show off when others come to visit. You can easily divvy up chores and responsibilities in the backporch app on the to do tab!

Encourage Hospitality

Hosting guests fosters the mindset of serving others and strengthens pride in your property. It can be a joy to share your place with extended family, friends, and guests alike. Have the kids help you cook meals for the family and guests. When your children see you happy while hosting friends, they will pick up on it. Empower them to set up the property and manage guests using shared calendar and shopping list features in the backporch app.

Enjoy Together

The ultimate goal is to take joy in your home away from home. What a gift to be able to experience it!

We created the backporch app to provide a simple and convenient way for families to co-manage their recreational property in order to strengthen relationships. We believe it will be an invaluable asset to you and your family.

Download the backporch app for iPhone and Android to bring your family closer and make your life easier.

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