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While we love getting the chance to experience all of the winter beauty, we also love bundling up and enjoying the indoors this time of year. Whether you’re stuck inside or needing to take a break from the cold, we’ve gathered some fun ideas to do with your children from the comfort of your second home. Take a break from the movies and screen time, and get creative with these activities:

1. Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Spark creativity, burn energy, stoke some family-fun competition? Sign us up. Creating an indoor scavenger hunt gives everyone an opportunity to get creative (write clues in riddles) and critically think. We suggest adding in some family heirloom items or even having children search for important supplies. This opens up an opportunity for discussion and learning. May the best team win!

2. Cooking

Cooking with your kids allows them to learn how to cook their favorite meals and handy tips in the kitchen. This doesn’t have to involve any difficult recipes, and together you can learn what meals or snacks they want to help out with! The best part, getting to eat your finished projects, together, of course! Here’s an easy-to-follow list to help you get started with recipes to make.

3. Study Snowflakes

We all learn early on about how no two snowflakes are alike. Take this opportunity to appreciate the nature around you, indoors by putting out a dark towel and then bringing out your magnifying glass with the little ones. Get a closer look together, and then create paper snowflakes! All you need are paper and scissors for this craft. We’re big fans of taking in the nature around us. This can inspire them to explore the yard around the second property more.

4. Identifying Trees From Your Window

As mentioned above, taking in nature as a family is vital at a young age. When you teach children about the trees around them, you’re fostering a conversation about one of the most important living things on our planet: trees! Check out this downloadable tree journal which teaches children about what kinds of trees there are, what lives inside of them, how old they are, etc. There’s a lot of opportunity for the adults to learn as well.

We hope you and your loved ones find ways to get creative and spend time with those you love through the cold weather. We’d love to hear from you if you try any of these activities yourselves. Take photos and tag us on Instagram if you get a chance to enjoy these activities! Stay cozy and have fun.

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