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Hosting Thanksgiving is a stressful time. You need to coordinate who brings what dish, see how many guests will attend, and be sure you have enough seats at the kids table. Plus, there is so much more. What is the solution? Using the backporch app as your source of truth to host the best Thanksgiving dinner at your property! Here are 3 tips to host a successful feast. From coordinating the green bean casserole all the way to the turkey, and making sure your entire table and family is full.

Save the Date

If you share a vacation home with multiple people, it can be tough to coordinate holidays. People and their family members might have travel plans or only can attend a certain day. Coordinate Thanksgiving dinners with the calendar feature. Easily comment on the calendar dates to coordinate the plan, festivities, and best time for everyone to arrive for Thanksgiving. Does everyone want to book the property for Thanksgiving dinner? Set November 25th as open so that all family members know that they are welcome to join the feast!

Plan the Feast in Advance

Turkey, gravy, corn, cranberry sauce, pumpkin bread, and the list isn’t even complete! Share the meal prepping for Thanksgiving. Use the food and supplies feature in the app to make a list of all the dishes that are on the menu. Tag the items by people who are bringing the dish or supplies. Items won’t be forgotten, and the work won’t fall all on you!

Check for Updates

Time is ticking and there is only one week left till Thanksgiving! Instead of texting multiple people for updates, check the dashboard for a quick glance on progress. See what items people have added, where they commented, what tasks they’ve assigned, or what they have checked off the list. The dashboard quickly updates you on any new items, so you’ll always be in the loop.

We all know Thanksgiving can be a handful, but backporch decreases the planning stress. Coordinate. Delegate. Feast! Download the backporch today for iPhone and Android to have a smooth Thanksgiving!

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