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Hello 2022! A new year means new resolutions, and that includes goals for your property too. Dedicate some time to work through some to-do’s that have been sitting on your list since last year. Maybe you’d like to figure out a good system for keeping hunting supplies in order, or ensuring groceries don’t get left behind. Whether these resolutions are big or small, the backporch® app is here to help you organize these goals and keep track of your progress every step of the way.

List Projects

The projects and gear feature within backporch is great to list a detailed plan for multiple projects that you need to complete at your second property. Start by creating a list of items that you need done throughout the year. Use the description section to write down specifics for each project, so that you don’t forget what needs to be done as you come back to them. You can also mark certain projects as high priority. There are many projects that you can focus on: reorganizing outdoor spaces, fixing items around the house, and redecorating specific rooms. Setting up the process at the beginning of the year will help you stay on top of your tasks to get them completed by the end of the year!

Set Due Dates

Setting due dates is the perfect way to measure progress and prioritize projects. Set specific time frames for each project depending on how long it will take to complete. Then schedule other to do items around that. If you space everything out over the year, you can take breaks while feeling productive! We recommend seasonal increments.

Keep Track of Gear

Different projects can require many different tools. Utilize the gear feature to list all the tools and gear you will need throughout the year to complete various projects. In the description of each tool you list, mention the storage location and any other necessary need-to-know items. You can add comments if something is broken or needs replacing too.

Tag Helpers

There are plenty of people who are willing to help you get your second property prepared throughout the year! Want other family members to share the responsibilities for certain projects? Tag them in the comments section for each task. Easily delegate projects so they know what tasks they can help with and what they are responsible for completing. Elaborate on the specific action items you need each person to complete and list all gear, tools, and information they will need to source.

We hope this helps you think through some ways to start the year off on the right foot! It’s always great to hear how backporch has helped you and your family with your rental property needs. Give us a shout on Instagram or Facebook, and let us know how you use backporch!

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