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Coordination is key, and this is especially true during the holiday season. We created backporch to be your one stop shop for your shared property among family, friends, and guests. Don’t let the upcoming family gatherings at your rental property stress you out! Allow backporch to enhance the joy of the festivities.

Collaborating plans and to-do’s with your loved ones is easier than ever. Gather up those dearest to you, execute a plan among everyone, and get ready to enjoy your Christmas and New Year’s holiday with excitement and ease.

1. Invite your Loved Ones

It’s easy to get excited about holiday planning, but it’s important to know who’s bringing the desserts, Christmas decorations, eggnog, etc. It’s always helpful to have a finalized list for all planning purposes. Onboard your guests via your contact list, and we send a link with a code. This onboarding route is an efficient way to keep track of all details. Don’t rely on a group text for these important details!

2. Food & Supplies Lists: Food and Fun

Back to the details: having a grocery list is key to any celebration on your second property. This avoids confusion, allows you to properly allocate budget, and ensures all meals are accounted for. Beyond meal planning, backporch supplies lists can be used for decoration planning for a holiday party or what tools may be needed for the house as well. Are you planning on taking a group photo? Who’s bringing the tripod or Christmas sweaters? Keep things tidy with our food & supplies feature.

3. Calendar Feature

If you’ve got a larger crowd on the ranch, it’s nice to plan out the days. This can be hectic during the holidays, so keeping everyone on the same page means more time for fun. Use the calendar feature to plan your days. Add comments to remind everyone when the gift exchange is, so they have everything wrapped and ready to go! If you planned any outdoor activities such as hunting or fishing, comment what the weather will be so guests can pack accordingly.

4. Property Info

Make sure guests feel like family during the holiday property getaway. The property info feature allows you to share wifi passwords, house rules, and local information all in one place. This is great to update during the holidays in case the nearest gas station, grocery store, or hospital information might be needed. With the property info feature, guests are aware of house rules and what’s around the second property during the holiday season.

Managing a shared property between family and friends has never been simpler. Download the backporch app for iPhone and Android today.

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