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Happy February from your friends at backporch®. Love is in the air, and what we love to do is make your vacation planning seamless. Whether you are planning on celebrating Valentine’s Day with a loved one or are planning a Galentine’s weekend with close friends, we’ve got a few tips on how to organize your shared property planning using backporch.

Organized Booking

The shared calendar feature is a great starting point for any trip planning. First and foremost, it allows everyone to see when the property is available to plan visits easily. This comes in handy when a second property is shared between families or friends. Set the dates you plan on using the property so that other people know when they can plan a visit to the property. When saving the date, mark that weekend as exclusive for that couples getaway or open for all your friends for Valentine’s weekend. If there’s an occupancy for Valentine’s Day, President’s Day is the following weekend!

Plan Out Weekend Activities

Once you’ve reserved the dates, backporch makes it easy to make your weekend plans. Instead of one person being in charge of all the activities, collaborate on your getaway! You can post photos and create a schedule with the activities you have planned out for the weekend. Better yet, you can add any materials or items you’ll need.

Need help thinking about some Valentine’s Day activities for a loved one and/or families? Have a spa night with face masks and nail painting for your Galentine’s Day festivities. Maybe you’d love to plan a lovely picnic getaway. It’s important to schedule this with the weather and distance beforehand, so you can make sure everything goes as planned.

If you’re planning a family getaway, it’s always a good idea to incorporate some arts and crafts time for the kiddos. Bring some red construction paper to create Valentine’s cards, or get creative with holiday decor.


Every trip needs some details and communication beforehand. Whether you’re planning to bake a loved one’s favorite dessert, or are coordinating the snacks for a group trip, coordinating in a central place makes everyone’s lives much easier. Homemade pizzas are always a fun, interactive meal to make together. You also can’t go wrong with chocolate covered strawberries or heart-shaped cookies too! It would be a shame to show up without any of these items, or assuming someone else brought them. As always, backporch is an essential part of your second home’s kitchen. Utilizing the food and supplies list reduces the amount of money you’ll spend on groceries if you already have the ingredients on hand, and it prevents food waste.

The greatest part of backporch app? Everyone has access to this information. Make your loved ones truly feel at home this month by including them in on your planning and efforts. Let us know how backporch has helped your Valentine’s Day planning by tagging us on Instagram! Be sure to download our app and subscribe for more tips and tricks on holiday planning.

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