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Whether you are a pro or amateur fisherman, the waters are warming in the south which means the bass are biting! Bass are a popular sport fish, and fun to reel in. Whether you are at your lake house, cabin, or ranch with a body of fresh water, now’s the time to catch some fish. We have some tips to get you started.

There are many different types of bait you can use to catch bass. Diving crank baits, spinner baits, and jigs work well. Some go-to bait can be lures with red or silver. The red lures make the bait look injured, which bass would bite for. Bass enjoy shad, so chrome or silver bait works well too. For live bait, bass enjoy minnows, shad, and nightcrawlers.

Starting early spring in warmer climates, bass are in their pre-spawn and spawn patterns. For pre-spawn, fish in deeper channels next to shallow bedding (spawning) areas. Once the spawn starts, look for bass in flat, shallow areas, often less than 4ft deep. They protect their spawning beds. You can often spot these beds (polarized glasses help) by looking for openings in underwater weed patches or freshly disturbed soil underneath the water. Texas-rigged salamanders and worms pulled directly across or near the beds are a great option, especially as bass will protect their eggs.

Pay close attention to your hook set. Bass will often just pick up the bait to move it away from the bed rather than actually trying to swallow it. Always keep an eye out for your line moving through the water without feeling the customary “tap-tap” of a hit. If you do feel that “tap-tap,” give it a very brief pause before setting the hook.

Fishing can be great to enjoy by yourself or with others! Bring friends or family members with you or enjoy a nice time with you and the water. Use the calendar feature to claim your fishing getaway. If you’re looking to keep everyone in the loop of the best fishing spots at your property, be sure to add comments in the backporch® app’s activities tab. You can add images, locations, and comments about the best fishing in your area or what type of bait is working. Are you sharing a boat? Use the projects and gear feature to make sure the boat is ready for any fishing day by commenting and updating it in the gear feature.

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