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A note from our founder:

Maintaining shared properties can be overwhelming. Welcome to the solution: backporch, the app that helps you and your family cooperate in owning, enjoying, and sharing your property. It was born of the idea (and personal experience) that stewarding your property together can be joyful. Grandparents and parents can share their knowledge with young family members. Guests can enjoy the property and develop a sense of ownership—and not text you 100 times with questions! My hope is that our intuitive app will simplify the way you communicate, coordinate, and care for your property and will become indispensable to your family.

After years of experience sharing property, we built tools that we felt were most needed and would be most customizable to families’ needs. Explore our features and how they can work for you and your family!

Shared Calendar

Check property availability and plan visits easily. Designate available and reserved dates as confirmed or tentative, replace texts and emails by coordinating visits directly in the calendar, note trash pickup times, and more. Never miscommunicate dates or events again!

Shopping Lists

In addition to a standard grocery list feature, backporch allows users to leave photos and notes of what food and supplies are left at the property for the next group. Create custom tags to organize supplies by category, or by who will be responsible for bringing each item. No more last-minute runs to the grocery store because someone forgot the coffee!

Project Tracking

Tackle property maintenance, improvement, and repair projects together. Keep track of progress, tools needed, and next steps. Develop shared responsibility between property co-owners and family members by including them in the upkeep.

Guest Information

Say goodbye to those constant “Where is the…?” texts and calls. Backporch makes it easy to host guests by giving them full access to all essential property info, whether you’re on the property with them or hosting remotely. Store wifi passwords, supply locations, house rules, and more. You can even share photos for extra reference.

At-a-Glance Dashboard

When you open backporch, get up to speed with an overview of upcoming trips, to-do lists, project updates, and messages. Never dig through email threads or your notes app to know what requires the most attention.

Download backporch for iPhone and Android.

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