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How to set up your property on the app.

Thank you for choosing backporch! We sincerely hope it will be a tremendous help to you and your family as you enjoy your recreational property. Download the app for iPhone or Android and get started!

Starting with a blank canvas can be overwhelming, so here are some tips.

Start with the Basics:

  1. Name the property and add a photo
  2. Invite shared users—co-owners, family members, and guests

Add Property Info:

  1. Add your wifi name and password
  2. Add lock combinations
  3. Make a “Shutdown Procedures” list (for example: shut off water, wash linens, start dishwasher, set thermostat, etc) or prep with lists for winterization
  4. Add pictures for reference if helpful!

Mark Your Calendar:

  1. Schedule your next visit to the property. Select open (for other guests to join) or exclusive (for your private use), and tentative (still TBD!) or firm (you’ll be there)
  2. Use the comments to discuss plans for the visit, like fun activities or maintenance projects you’d like to accomplish

Stock Your Virtual Pantry:

  1. In the Food & Supplies tab, add items you know are stocked under “on-hand” or take pictures of the pantry and fridge to make the brands needed easy to remember
  2. Start adding items under “need” that you’ll need to pick up at the store, and check them off after you’ve shopped!

Finally, Get to Work on Projects & Gear:

  1. Add upcoming maintenance, building, or land management projects, and use the details field to describe what needs to be done and how to do it! You can also add photos for reference and note any gear that you’ll need
  2. Add tags for easy searching, and use the comments section to collaborate on next steps or to update others on what was done

How do you use the backporch app? Let us know!

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