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Scheduling a time when you and your family or friends can visit your property can be challenging. You know the drill: dozens of text and email threads, waiting on kids’ sports games and work schedules. And trying to host another family all while coordinating with your property’s co-owners, it gets complicated!

That’s why we designed the calendar so you can start planning from the get-go. No more waiting to add dates to your calendar until plans are finalized—mark dates as either tentative or firm, as well as whether you would like exclusive use of the property or are open to others joining. Communicate right on the calendar with the comment thread to coordinate your plans and arrange best times for everyone to arrive.

Here’s an example:

You, your husband, and your two children want to host family friends at your lake house. You think you can go any weekend in April except the first weekend, but you are waiting on sports schedules. Your friends are waiting on a music recital date that they know will be during the second weekend in April. So you put a tentative, exclusive reservation on the last two weekends in April, so everyone stays in the loop.

Your brother and his family also want to go to the lake house in April, but the only weekend they can go is the very last weekend. They also would like exclusive use of the whole property. He puts a firm reservation down for that last weekend.  

There are now overlapping reservations on the last weekend. Since your brother only has one weekend he can go, you comment that you’ll try to work your schedule to go the third weekend. Your friends see this communication and decide the third weekend will work. You remove your tentative hold on the last weekend, and change the third weekend reservation to confirmed.

On your confirmed reservation, use the comments to plan your meals and activities for the weekend. You can even share packing and shopping lists so everyone comes prepared!

With all property users having shared access to these plans, you can cooperate on dates that work for the most number of people and reduce tensions. Get planning on backporch now by downloading for iPhone and Android.

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