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Owning a recreational property allows the joy of hosting others and sharing your favorite place, often remotely. Hosting involves answering many questions from your guests. “Which remote do I use?” “Which linens go on which beds?” “Where should we fish on the lake?” Backporch® provides the solution that enables perfect remote hosting – the platform where all property questions are answered.

The app is a way to invite your guests into a more personal experience with your property.

Add basic house information and how to’s

For example, include directions to your property, where to park when they arrive and where you hid the keys or the gate code. Don’t forget to add the Wi-Fi password and which remote to use for the TV or one of the most troublesome areas of cleaning up the house after the weekend, which linens go where! Give them tips for starting the finicky jet skis and how to leave the boat when they’ve finished using it.

Note essential items’ location

Guests need to know where these items are! Mention where you keep the first aid kit, soap and toiletries, extra towels and linens, and where the breaker panel is. Have your guests be prepared as you would be at your property.

Lay down the law with property rules

Easily mention the house rules to guests with backporch! Avoid the awkward discussion of rules, and share what they can and cannot do – no pets, no smoking, no parking in a specific area. Anything that is off-limits you can easily mention, especially your shelf with all of your food in the fridge.

List favorite activities

People go to properties to have fun! List the best places for out-of-the-way wake surfing, your best fishing hole, restaurants, or any activity that makes your property special! Your guests can filter through these activities with the tags you add to each. For example, tag restaurants with food and searchable fishing spots! It’s that simple for everyone.

Plan for the worst

Last but not least, include contacts and emergency numbers! When emergencies happen, sometimes your guest may not know who to call. Say a pipe burst! You have under the contacts tab your plumber who knows your property like the back of his hand! They can call you and then them without hesitation. With backporch, you give your guests easy access to whom they need to contact in case of emergencies.

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